Sweater weather tag.

Favourite candle scent ? 

This was a question where my answer was very fast clear, it’s the scent ‘ Cashmere’ from the collection of Primark Home. It’s not really a fall/winter smell, but is makes me restful and sleepy so I prefer to light this candle at night, before I go to sleep. It’s also a really soft smell, so it’s perfect for people who don’t like strong smells. 



Coffee, tea or hot chocolate ?

While I’m writing this tag, I’m on the train drinking a hot chocolate hazelnut from starbucks. I wish I could drink this everyday ! But unfortunately, the nearest starbucks is a little bit far from my home. The smell of coffee is delicious, but the taste is disguisting, and I just don’t like thea. So you know what’s my favourite hot drink.


What’s the best fall memory you have ?

I’m actually really bad in remembering memories from my childhood. But there’s one thing I never forgot. We went every year in primary school with the class to the woods, to collect leafs. After, when we were back at school, we made crafts with the leafs we collected. It was so much fun, and I loved how every leaf was different, a different color, a different shape, every leaf from another tree. 


Which make-up trend do you prefer ? Winged eye liner or dark lips ?

This is a easy one, I almost never wear eyeliner actually, I don’t really now why, I think my eyes are more beautiful when I add just a little mascara, so I prefer the dark lips, at this moment I’m wearing a deep red color, one of my favourites for wintertimes. 


Favourite christmas food ?

Normally this question was about favourite food on thanksgiving, but we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in my country, so I changed the question a little bit. My favourite food on christmas is ‘moelleux au chocolat’. We eat this as the dessert, with strawberries, and it’s so delicious. 


Hats or scarves ?

I go definitily for scarves, I never wear hats, i hate it that they make a mess of my hair, so i prefer scarfs. My favourite scarfs are the ‘tartan scarfs’. I think they are so lovely, and classy. 


Most worn sweater ?

That’s my sweater from zara, it’s a grey colored one, with pailletes. I wear it a lot of the time, because it’s comfy, casual but also chique when you wear a pair of high heels underneath. 



Favourite fall nail polish ? 

I bought a year ago, a beautiful brown/aubergine color from Jean Marin, and it’s a gorgeous dark color, perfect for fall/winter. So this one is getting my all time favourite winter color. The quality is also really good, it gives a beautiful cover, after you apply 2 coats. 


Skinny jeans or leggins ?

I’m going for skinny jeans, because I don’t feel really good in leggins, I feel a little bit ‘naked’. So I will never wear it like a pants, but I definitily find a legging really cool underneath a oversized sweater and with biker boots. But I prefer the skinny jeans. 


Boots of uggs ?

I’m in love with boots, I wish I could wear them all year around. And sometimes I do, when it’s not to hot in summertimes. I do not own uggs, so this question was pretty clear for me. This are my dreamboots by the way, boots by Tori Burch ! In love …. 


Source : http://www.pinterest.com/

Lots of love, Lien.