My very own chelsea boots.

Hello everyone ! I am searching already for months for the perfect chelsea boots and I finally found them. I bought them last week when I was in Bruges, in New Look. I was sauntering trough the shop, looking for some sweaters, and then my eyes felt on this gorgeous boots. My chelsea boots where I was looking for all winter long, where standing right beside me. They have a beautiful and comfortable heel and are lovely brown colored. I ‘m so happy with my new babies ! 



NYE make-up look with Yves Rocher.

Hello guys, I received a couple products from Yves Rocher as a christmas present, and I tought it would be nice to make a look with it. And so said, I grabbed my pencils and my mirror and created a look ! 


I applied first a combination of the ‘ Fit me ‘ foundation from maybelline NY and the catrice ‘All matt plus shine control’ to create the perfect color for my tan. After that, I used the anti age eraser concealer from Maybelline NY for my undereye area (I applie the lightest tint, so I can use it as a higlight at the same time). I shaped my face with the triobronzer from L’oreal and applied a pinky blush with the essence ‘silky touch blush’. 

And after all this face make-up, I began with my eyelook, all with the Yves Rocher products. I started with the shiny grey tinted eyeshadow, and applied that all over my eyelid. Than I took the black eye pencil, and set some lines in my crease. And then the magic word who will bring you the eye make-up look of your dreams … BLENDING ! You really need to blend out really good this one, so take your time for this step. If you want you can color your waterlines with this eyepencil to, this is optional. After, I used the Sexy pulp mascara for my eyelashes. I was really surprised about this mascara, because I’m really critical in terms of mascara, but this one is really good, it makes my eyeslashes look naturally long, and that’s what I want to reach when I apply mascara. And then it’s all about the lips, I’m really in love with this lipstick ! I’ve got already a whole collection of red lipsticks, but this is one of my favourites for sure ! a deep red color, and it applied really smooth, so this is to get some of my favourite winter make-up products. 

And now the look is finished, I hope you looked it, and I wish you again all a joyfull and loving 2014 ! 

Lots of love, Lien.