Easy hair updo’s.

So I got some really easy, but very classy and looking diffucult to do hairstyles for you today. Starting with a hairstyle i created a little bit by myself while I was trying some stuff by my sister, I came out at this. I have to say to you that it is looking from behind a little ‘big’ on the pictures, it actually look better in ‘real life’. 

What do you need ? -bobby pins
                                  – hairbrush
                                  – a hair-tie

and that’s all ! 

How to do : You start with brushing the hair, so there are no slings in the hair, after that you make a low ponytail, but the last time you get the hair trough the hair-tie you stop before it’s all trough, so you get a sort of bun. Then you start to secure ‘the bun’ it with bobby-pins on the head, and actually that’s all !


The second hairstyle, is a haircut that is done in 2 minutes, so when I have a bad hair day and not much time, I grab back to this look. You need the same things as in the look before. 

You start with ofcoure brushing the hair again, it wil go a lot better and easyier after that. You make after this a ponytail( a low or some higher is what you prefer). I like to do more a low ponytail. you take the hair-tie back for a couple centimers and than you make ‘ a hole’ between your head and the ponytail and then you twist the ponytail in the hole.  ét voila ! After that you secure ofcoure with bobby pins again. 


The next hairstyle is more a sidebun ( or more something like a doughnut). 

Again the same things you need like above. You start with brushing the hair like always ! After you make a side low ponytail, (which side is what you prefer ofcourse). And then we start to spin the hair around our finger, that it gets to look like a spiral and then we roll it around our ponytail like a doughnut. We secure with bobby pins and it’s all done ! 




And then we came to our last hairstyle ! and this is a little bit different, and more for people who like it high on the head ! 

You begin with making a really high ponytail who’s on the top of the head. After you start teasing your ponytail so it gets more texture , and your bun will have more volume. after that you just spin it around and secure with bobby pins. And again … that’s all ! 


So I hope you liked it , and maybe you try it ! I will sure see that if you try ! 

Lots of love , Lien.