December in instagram pictures.

Hello everyone !

Today i’m going to show my month of december in instagram pictures, I’m so sad december is almost over,  it’s my favourite month of the year because of the holiday season and the cosiness of all the pretty little lights in the streets, it makes me so happy. So here we go !


I’ll always begin the first of december with a little christmas spirit. I’ve set my little christmas tree in my room, it’s a little three with little heart ornaments, what I think is so adorable and cute ! on the top I always use a santa head because I can’t find a star for on top of this little three. After that i baked christmas cookies with my sister, some quality time on a sundaynight. And I’m pretty proud of the result !


This month I made a challenge for myself, to eat a little bit more healthy. And actually I did pretty well, these are a couple pictures of my favourite breakfast from now on, fruit with oatmeal, delicious and super healthy ! I think I’m going to fail again in january because I have exams, and I need a lot of sugar then, but after that, I start again with full courage !


Since I’m a real make-upaholic, I spend whole december to figure out what my final make-up look will be at the 25th of december, for christmas. And I can say to you,  I tried a lot !


The weekend before christmas I went with my family to Brussels, whole brussels is decorated and dipped in the christmas spirit. So lovely ! On the ‘Grand Place’ , the centre of Brussels, is a beautiful big christmas three all set up with light, just as all the buildings around it. For the rest you can find in whole brussels, small chalets, where you can drink liqueur and eat brussels waffle. It’s so cozy ! after that we went a also in the big wheel, where you can have an amazing view over Brussels !


And then finally , It’s christmas ! I wore a dress from L&L and my final look was smokey eyes with purple lips. I had an amazing christmas , eating togheter with family, watching christmas movies, singing christmas songs all day around, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and candy canes,  it was all amazing, I had also a lot of amazing presents ! So a late merry christmas to you all !


The day after christmas, we went to Ostend( the coast of belgium), for some quality time with my dad and sister. We went there for looking to a comedian show. In the centre of Ostend was a three-master all set up with lights, I was so impressed, it was so beautiful and I had an amazing night !


The weekend after christmas we went to Antwerp.  we went looking to Cirque Du soleil, because it was the last time they bring their show : Allegria. And I didn’t want to miss them. I was really imppressed by their perfomances and sometimes even speechless. It was so special and beautiful.


And these are the last pictures where I end my month of an amazing december, These are pictures from this weekend, when I was in Bruges. I bought there the boots, that I’m searching for all  winter long, and I finally found them ! They’re from New Look by the way.

So this was my month of december in instagram pictures, I hope you had an amazing month too ! I wish you all a happy and joyful 2014 with lots of love, friends and family !

Lots of love, Lien.