Sand nails by Claire’s.

The first time I heard about the ‘sand nails (effet sable) was when I saw the Mariah Carey collection for OPI. I really wanted to try out then because it was looking so cool and special. But the price stopped me, because a OPI nailpolish is around 15euro, what was at that moment a little bit to much for me. Now a year later, I was in the city looking of I could catch some sale-goodies and I walked into Claire’s because my friend would go in there, because I never ever bought something by Claire’s. So I was just looking around a little, and then my eyes felt on the nailpolishes that were standing out there, and then I saw this one, a beautifl glittery nailpolish with sand effect. So I tought, for this price ( 4,99euro) I just couldn’t leave without taking it with me and try it out ! And I have to say, I’m glad I did because first of all it’s really good quality ( what I didn’t expect from a shop like claire’s) and the effect looks ‘super duper’ cool ! It stays also longer on my nails then just a usual nailpolish, so this nailpolish deserves really a moment of standing in the spotlights, here on my blog. Here you got some pictures of this beautifl nailpolish, which is at the same time a beautiful color too ! 

Do you ever tried the ‘sand nails’ ? 

Lots of love, Lien. 



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