NYE make-up look with Yves Rocher.

Hello guys, I received a couple products from Yves Rocher as a christmas present, and I tought it would be nice to make a look with it. And so said, I grabbed my pencils and my mirror and created a look ! 


I applied first a combination of the ‘ Fit me ‘ foundation from maybelline NY and the catrice ‘All matt plus shine control’ to create the perfect color for my tan. After that, I used the anti age eraser concealer from Maybelline NY for my undereye area (I applie the lightest tint, so I can use it as a higlight at the same time). I shaped my face with the triobronzer from L’oreal and applied a pinky blush with the essence ‘silky touch blush’. 

And after all this face make-up, I began with my eyelook, all with the Yves Rocher products. I started with the shiny grey tinted eyeshadow, and applied that all over my eyelid. Than I took the black eye pencil, and set some lines in my crease. And then the magic word who will bring you the eye make-up look of your dreams … BLENDING ! You really need to blend out really good this one, so take your time for this step. If you want you can color your waterlines with this eyepencil to, this is optional. After, I used the Sexy pulp mascara for my eyelashes. I was really surprised about this mascara, because I’m really critical in terms of mascara, but this one is really good, it makes my eyeslashes look naturally long, and that’s what I want to reach when I apply mascara. And then it’s all about the lips, I’m really in love with this lipstick ! I’ve got already a whole collection of red lipsticks, but this is one of my favourites for sure ! a deep red color, and it applied really smooth, so this is to get some of my favourite winter make-up products. 

And now the look is finished, I hope you looked it, and I wish you again all a joyfull and loving 2014 ! 

Lots of love, Lien. 


December in instagram pictures.

Hello everyone !

Today i’m going to show my month of december in instagram pictures, I’m so sad december is almost over,  it’s my favourite month of the year because of the holiday season and the cosiness of all the pretty little lights in the streets, it makes me so happy. So here we go !


I’ll always begin the first of december with a little christmas spirit. I’ve set my little christmas tree in my room, it’s a little three with little heart ornaments, what I think is so adorable and cute ! on the top I always use a santa head because I can’t find a star for on top of this little three. After that i baked christmas cookies with my sister, some quality time on a sundaynight. And I’m pretty proud of the result !


This month I made a challenge for myself, to eat a little bit more healthy. And actually I did pretty well, these are a couple pictures of my favourite breakfast from now on, fruit with oatmeal, delicious and super healthy ! I think I’m going to fail again in january because I have exams, and I need a lot of sugar then, but after that, I start again with full courage !


Since I’m a real make-upaholic, I spend whole december to figure out what my final make-up look will be at the 25th of december, for christmas. And I can say to you,  I tried a lot !


The weekend before christmas I went with my family to Brussels, whole brussels is decorated and dipped in the christmas spirit. So lovely ! On the ‘Grand Place’ , the centre of Brussels, is a beautiful big christmas three all set up with light, just as all the buildings around it. For the rest you can find in whole brussels, small chalets, where you can drink liqueur and eat brussels waffle. It’s so cozy ! after that we went a also in the big wheel, where you can have an amazing view over Brussels !


And then finally , It’s christmas ! I wore a dress from L&L and my final look was smokey eyes with purple lips. I had an amazing christmas , eating togheter with family, watching christmas movies, singing christmas songs all day around, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and candy canes,  it was all amazing, I had also a lot of amazing presents ! So a late merry christmas to you all !


The day after christmas, we went to Ostend( the coast of belgium), for some quality time with my dad and sister. We went there for looking to a comedian show. In the centre of Ostend was a three-master all set up with lights, I was so impressed, it was so beautiful and I had an amazing night !


The weekend after christmas we went to Antwerp.  we went looking to Cirque Du soleil, because it was the last time they bring their show : Allegria. And I didn’t want to miss them. I was really imppressed by their perfomances and sometimes even speechless. It was so special and beautiful.


And these are the last pictures where I end my month of an amazing december, These are pictures from this weekend, when I was in Bruges. I bought there the boots, that I’m searching for all  winter long, and I finally found them ! They’re from New Look by the way.

So this was my month of december in instagram pictures, I hope you had an amazing month too ! I wish you all a happy and joyful 2014 with lots of love, friends and family !

Lots of love, Lien.

Sweater weather tag.

Favourite candle scent ? 

This was a question where my answer was very fast clear, it’s the scent ‘ Cashmere’ from the collection of Primark Home. It’s not really a fall/winter smell, but is makes me restful and sleepy so I prefer to light this candle at night, before I go to sleep. It’s also a really soft smell, so it’s perfect for people who don’t like strong smells. 



Coffee, tea or hot chocolate ?

While I’m writing this tag, I’m on the train drinking a hot chocolate hazelnut from starbucks. I wish I could drink this everyday ! But unfortunately, the nearest starbucks is a little bit far from my home. The smell of coffee is delicious, but the taste is disguisting, and I just don’t like thea. So you know what’s my favourite hot drink.


What’s the best fall memory you have ?

I’m actually really bad in remembering memories from my childhood. But there’s one thing I never forgot. We went every year in primary school with the class to the woods, to collect leafs. After, when we were back at school, we made crafts with the leafs we collected. It was so much fun, and I loved how every leaf was different, a different color, a different shape, every leaf from another tree. 


Which make-up trend do you prefer ? Winged eye liner or dark lips ?

This is a easy one, I almost never wear eyeliner actually, I don’t really now why, I think my eyes are more beautiful when I add just a little mascara, so I prefer the dark lips, at this moment I’m wearing a deep red color, one of my favourites for wintertimes. 


Favourite christmas food ?

Normally this question was about favourite food on thanksgiving, but we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in my country, so I changed the question a little bit. My favourite food on christmas is ‘moelleux au chocolat’. We eat this as the dessert, with strawberries, and it’s so delicious. 


Hats or scarves ?

I go definitily for scarves, I never wear hats, i hate it that they make a mess of my hair, so i prefer scarfs. My favourite scarfs are the ‘tartan scarfs’. I think they are so lovely, and classy. 


Most worn sweater ?

That’s my sweater from zara, it’s a grey colored one, with pailletes. I wear it a lot of the time, because it’s comfy, casual but also chique when you wear a pair of high heels underneath. 



Favourite fall nail polish ? 

I bought a year ago, a beautiful brown/aubergine color from Jean Marin, and it’s a gorgeous dark color, perfect for fall/winter. So this one is getting my all time favourite winter color. The quality is also really good, it gives a beautiful cover, after you apply 2 coats. 


Skinny jeans or leggins ?

I’m going for skinny jeans, because I don’t feel really good in leggins, I feel a little bit ‘naked’. So I will never wear it like a pants, but I definitily find a legging really cool underneath a oversized sweater and with biker boots. But I prefer the skinny jeans. 


Boots of uggs ?

I’m in love with boots, I wish I could wear them all year around. And sometimes I do, when it’s not to hot in summertimes. I do not own uggs, so this question was pretty clear for me. This are my dreamboots by the way, boots by Tori Burch ! In love …. 


Source : http://www.pinterest.com/

Lots of love, Lien. 


Easy hair updo’s.

So I got some really easy, but very classy and looking diffucult to do hairstyles for you today. Starting with a hairstyle i created a little bit by myself while I was trying some stuff by my sister, I came out at this. I have to say to you that it is looking from behind a little ‘big’ on the pictures, it actually look better in ‘real life’. 

What do you need ? -bobby pins
                                  – hairbrush
                                  – a hair-tie

and that’s all ! 

How to do : You start with brushing the hair, so there are no slings in the hair, after that you make a low ponytail, but the last time you get the hair trough the hair-tie you stop before it’s all trough, so you get a sort of bun. Then you start to secure ‘the bun’ it with bobby-pins on the head, and actually that’s all !


The second hairstyle, is a haircut that is done in 2 minutes, so when I have a bad hair day and not much time, I grab back to this look. You need the same things as in the look before. 

You start with ofcoure brushing the hair again, it wil go a lot better and easyier after that. You make after this a ponytail( a low or some higher is what you prefer). I like to do more a low ponytail. you take the hair-tie back for a couple centimers and than you make ‘ a hole’ between your head and the ponytail and then you twist the ponytail in the hole.  ét voila ! After that you secure ofcoure with bobby pins again. 


The next hairstyle is more a sidebun ( or more something like a doughnut). 

Again the same things you need like above. You start with brushing the hair like always ! After you make a side low ponytail, (which side is what you prefer ofcourse). And then we start to spin the hair around our finger, that it gets to look like a spiral and then we roll it around our ponytail like a doughnut. We secure with bobby pins and it’s all done ! 




And then we came to our last hairstyle ! and this is a little bit different, and more for people who like it high on the head ! 

You begin with making a really high ponytail who’s on the top of the head. After you start teasing your ponytail so it gets more texture , and your bun will have more volume. after that you just spin it around and secure with bobby pins. And again … that’s all ! 


So I hope you liked it , and maybe you try it ! I will sure see that if you try ! 

Lots of love , Lien.